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 not to fall into cyber fraud?

Avoid security breaches

 Train and test your team.

Protect your information and your customers

Phising is one of the methods most used by cyber criminals to obtain information fraudulently. A Ramsonware is used to hijack, restricting total or partial access to information from a system and thus claiming a ransom for its release.

The Problem

Current security solutions neglect the most vulnerable factor: the user.

That is why phishing methods such as phishing are so common, becoming a danger to your business.

The Solution

Our training and awareness platform will help your staff acquire safe habits.

Evaluate and test your team through simulated and custom attacks from Phising and Ransomware.

¡Take the control!

Overcome new threats. Make sure that each member of your company knows the threats and takes the necessary precautions.

Set goals and let SMARTFENSE do the rest.

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